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Aedes aegypti Mosquito - Biting Insect Library

Aedes aegypti Mosquito

Known as the “Yellow Fever Mosquito,” Aedes aegypti is the main vector, or carrier, of Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever in certain regions of North, Central, and South America.


Learn more about the Yellow Fever Mosquito breeding grounds below.




Breeding Habits

Like the female Asian Tiger mosquito, the Aedes aegypti mosquito will lay her eggs in almost any container. Yellow Fever mosquito breeding grounds include old tires, flower pots, aluminum cans, bird baths, rain gutters, tree holes, and many other items that can hold even small amounts of water.  Many will lay their eggs in damp soil; the eggs will hatch when flood waters cover them.


This mosquito does not survive cold weather, so it cannot overwinter in the egg stage.  Therefore, the aedes aegypti mosquito is active only during the summer months in northern regions of the United States, while in the southern regions it is active and breeds throughout the year.   It rarely ventures further than a few hundred yards from its breeding site.  Learn more about the yellow fever mosquito species and where yellow fever mosquitoes live.




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