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Maintaining Your Mosquito Magnet Trap

Trap Maintenance


If maintained properly, the Mosquito Magnet® can run at its best for many years.  When run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the propane tank and attractant last a full 21 days.  


If replaced in a timely manner you will optimize your catch rate and break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes in your yard.






trap maintenance schedule - mosquito magnet

Maintenance Schedule

If you need help devising a schedule for your trap's maintenance, here is one you may want to use.



Print Maintenance Schedule print trap maintenance schedule - mosquito magnet






mosquito magnet mosquito trapsProtect your family, pets and guests from disease-carrying mosquitoes with a Mosquito Magnet® trap - the leading long-term,
scientifically proven mosquito control solution

Mosquito Magnet Attractants - Optimize Catch Rates


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