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Have questions?

Find immediate answers to commonly asked questions, such as when to start traps, where to set up mosquito traps in yards and how to ensure proper air flow and attractant levels, as well as other information about how to set up mosquito traps.  Mosquito Magnet® makes learning how to set up your mosquito trap fast and easy.


  1. Check the placement of your trap
  2. Check the following to ensure proper air flow
  3. Check the following to ensure proper gas flow
  4. Check the propane tank and connections
  5. Check the power source
  6. Check the attractant





Q:   When should I start my Mosquito Magnet®?


A:   Blood-seeking insects such as mosquitoes and no-see-ums start becoming active when the temperature reaches 50 degrees for several days. Eggs, along with any adults that have survived the winter, will begin hatching or become active as the weather warms up.


The closer the temperature gets to ideal (high 70's and 80's), the more mosquitoes will be active. Capturing the new insects before they begin populating your yard and laying more eggs is the best approach, so be sure to set up your mosquito trap before then.


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Q:   What should I do before I start my trap?


NOTE: Always use caution when reviewing or cleaning the suggested areas. If the trap was not properly stored, other insects and animals could inhabit the trap.


A:   Steps to set up your mosquito trap:


  1. Determine where the mosquitoes are breeding - The Mosquito Magnet® must be located between the breeding areas (standing water, bushes) and the 'people areas' (patio, deck) in order to capture the mosquitoes at their source, BEFORE they get to you.
  2. Place the trap away from people areas - Set up the mosquito trap as close to the breeding areas and as far away from the activity as possible. The biting insects will be attracted to the trap and not to you.
  3. Place the trap upwind from the mosquito breeding area - Mosquitoes fly upwind looking for a blood meal (you). After a female mosquito bites a human, its weight is doubled; the mosquito will float back downwind to the resting area.
  4. Set up the mosquito trap in an open area, not in high grass or plants - CO2 is heavier than air, therefore it stays close to the ground. The mosquitoes will follow the CO2 plume to the trap. If its placed in high grass the flow of the plume will be impeded and the mosquitoes won't find it ...they'll find you!
  5. Place trap in the shade - Mosquitoes don't like the heat of the direct sun. As the sun sets, mosquitoes come out of their resting places.
  6. Although we realize that all yards are not the same, and it may be impossible for some people to meet all of the above guidelines, we recommend that you try and meet as many as possible. If you have questions about trap placement, try our Interactive Placement Assistant.


  • Check the following to ensure proper air flow:

  1. Check for and clear any dust, pollen, spider webs, or other debris from the following:
    • Net
    • Trumpet
    • Plume tube
    • Side screens
    • Bug bag door compartment
  2. Replace the net if its pores are clogged or it's ripped or warped.
  3. Securely close the net bag door. If the door isn't closed properly, the airflow is decreased and mosquitoes may escape.
  4. If the trap is running, you can use a small piece of tissue to test the intake (trumpet) and output (plume tube) of air.


  • Check the following to ensure proper gas flow:

  1. Use 1 Quick Clear Cartridge at the beginning of each season and between every  tank change. Caution: Always turn off the trap and close the propane tank valve before using the Quick Clear Cartridge.
  2. If the trap stopped running and was not running for more than a few hours, use 1-2 Quick Clear Cartridges if the trap won't restart. This will help clear out any propane residue in the gas nozzle.
  3. Prior to storing the trap for the season, use 1 Quick Clear Cartridge.


  • Check the propane tank and connections:

  1. Visually inspect the regulator and gas hose for any visible signs of damage from animals. Replace the regulator and hose if there is any damage.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the regulator from your propane tank to confirm the connection is secure.
  3. Your tank may be empty. You can connect the tank to your grill to see if it contains propane and is disbursing from the tank. A full tank weighs about 40 lbs. and an empty tank weighs about 20 lbs.
  4. We recommend starting each season with a new tank of propane. This will allow the propane and attractants usage to be on the same schedule.
  5. Read more on Propane Tank Tips.


  •  Check the power source

  1. For corded models (Defender & Liberty), check the following:
    • Check the connection into the trap to make sure it's fully inserted into the proper slot.
    • After unplugging from the source, look for damage on the cord (i.e. lawn mower; rodent, etc)
    • If you are using an extension cord(s) or if other items are using the same outlet, there may not be enough power being allocated to the trap. Try powering to a dedicated outlet.
  2. For cordless models (Liberty Plus), check the following:
    • The battery was charged for more than 24 hours. If this was done and the battery still does not have power, check your power supply or order a new one.
    • If your trap shut off after the propane ran out, the battery will need to be recharged.
    • Please call customer service 800-953-5737 if you need further assistance.

  • Check your attractant

  1. Is the attractant been installed correctly? If unsure, instructions are available.

  2. Change the mosquito attractant every 21 days for optimal performance. You can order additional attractant at Mosquito Magnet® Store.
If you have additional questions about how to set up your mosquito trap, feel free to contact customer service at 800-953-5737.  A properly set up mosquito trap should begin trapping and killing mosquitoes immediately.

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