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Mosquito Magnet AttractantsAttractants 101


Increase your catch rate up to 10 times!!


Using an attractant is critical to the performance of your Mosquito Magnet®.  Once mosquitoes sense the carbon dioxide from the Mosquito Magnet®, they need secondary mosquito attractants, Octenol,  

R-Octenol or Lurex3™, to hone in on the trap. 


The choice of which Mosquito Magnet® attractant to use depends upon where you reside in the U.S., since certain mosquito species are found in certain regions of the country.  Learn more about our Octenol mosquito attractant below.





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Determine Which Attractant Is Best

Remember, Which region you live in determines which attractant will work best for your trap.

  Octenol Attracts most mosquito species. Ideal for use in coastal areas, Northern regions of the US, and Canada

  Attracts most mosquito species in coastal areas and Northern US regions while lasting 40% longer than Octenol

  Attracts aggressive, day-biting species such as the Asian Tiger mosquito. Ideal for Southern US regions.

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How long you want to receive your accessories is up to you. Regardless, you’ll get a 2-month supply of accessories in each shipment every 9 weeks whether you need a program for six months or a year.

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Begin Regular Mosqito Magnet® Maintenance

Remember, when your propane tank is empty, make sure to conduct routine trap maintenance on your Mosquito Magnet® for optimum trap performance. This includes replacing the net, mosquito attractant and quick clear cartridge!



Subscribe & Save Programs, 12-Month Program For Executive - R-Octenol for Northern & Coastal Regions, BSS3300-ROCT12
Price per Shipment
 $120.99 $141 Sale
Subscribe & Save Programs, 12-Month Program For Patriot - Lurex3™ for Southern Regions, BSS4100LRX12
Price per Shipment
 $64.99 $80 Sale
Subscribe & Save Programs, 12-Month Program For Independence - Octenol for Northern & Coastal Regions, BSS3200OCT12
Price per Shipment
 $61.99 $77 Sale