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Mosquito Trap Malaria Charity Promotion & Donation | Mosquito Magnet®

Mosquito Magnet is running a promotion on facebook for the Nothing But Nets charity in Africa. Read more here....

Mosquito Magnet Introduces R-Octenol Attractant

Discover how Mosquito Magnet® R-Octenol effectively controls mosquitoes!...

Funny Mosquito Trap TV Commercial Ad | Mosquito Magnet®

Mosquito Magnet will air promotional ad campaigns in spring of 2011! Read more about this story here....

Mosquito Trap Discount Subscription Service | Mosquito Magnet®

Mosquito Magnet introduced a new subscribe & save program in 2011. Learn more about this program here....

Mosquito & Insect Trap Warranty | Mosquito Magnet® Executive Traps

Learn about the Mosquito Magnet Executive. It comes with an exclusive 18-Month warranty! Learn the details here....

Mosquito Magnet Attractants Provides Relief From Mosquitoes

Discover how Mosquito Magnet® trap attractants effectively control mosquitoes!...

Mosquito Trap Instructions & Assembly Video | Mosquito Magnet®

Watch the Mosquito Trap instructions and assembly video and learn how to set up and use your trap in a step by step process....

Battery Operated Mosquito Trap | Affordable Outdoor Cordless Traps

Mosquito Magnet has introduced the new Independence Trap! Learn more about this new trap here....

Mosquito & Insect Trap Science | How Traps Work

Learn about the consumer video highlighting service, science and support. See more here....

Mosquito Control Tips Podcast | Mosquito Magnet®

Learn more about the April 2010 "The Science of Repelling Mosquitoes" Podcast. See information here....

Mosquito Trap How To Guide | Mosquitoes Book

Check out the Mosquito Magnet Media Kit. See it here....

Smart Automatic Mosquito & Insect Trap | Mosquito Magnet® Executive

Read a press release about the Mosquito Magnet Executive Trap. Learn more about it here....

Mosquito & Insect Trap Company Acquisition | Mosquito Magnet®

Read about the Mosquito Magnet Acquisition of 2010. See the press release here....

Mosquito Trap Website & Online Store | The New MosquitoMagnet.com

Learn about the release of the MosquitoMagnet.com website. Read more here!...

Mosquito Trap Customer Support & Service Program | Mosquito Magnet®

Read press releases regarding Mosquito Magnet's® 360º Customer Support and Service program. See them here....
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